All of Curt’s performances work nicely as either a full evening of theatre, or as a few minutes of “added spice” to a conference or church service. He is often used in both the “keynote” slot of an event, and in a “supporting” slot. However he is used, he makes a huge impact. Curt will mesmerize an audience and leave them with a substantive message. All of his shows and stories have a healthy mix of gut-busting humor, tenderness and tears. Following is a listing of Curt’s full-length shows. In addition, Curt has many individual monologues (12 minutes and under) which can be used in shorter slots. He also sometimes custom writes pieces for specific events.

God-Views  (40 – 70 minutes) >

The first part of this performance leaves an audience laughing as Curt presents six of our common misconceptions about God. It concludes with two humorous, but touching monologues which present the true nature of God, a Father who loves the “mutts” of this world. Click here to see promotional material for this show.

Witnesses  (40 – 80 minutes) >

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In this very dramatic, yet very personal performance, Curt portrays eight characters (real and imagined) as each responds to Jesus. Through the eyes of these characters, both comic and serious, the audience is challenged to see Jesus from fresh perspectives; not as a cardboard and distant historical figure, but as one who was intimately involved in the “nitty-gritty” of life.

Jesus Talks!   (25 – 45 minutes) >

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What would it be like if Jesus walked into your church house and just started talking? In this performance Curt portrays Jesus, using just his words (albeit “loosened up a bit”) as if Jesus were talking to a contemporary audience of church members. Curt presents a very approachable Jesus, who tells stories and wrestles with kids and speaks directly to the hearts of the listeners. This is a startlingly simple and intimate performance.

When I Died Last Tuesday  (60 minutes)>

“Last Tuesday, when I died, I’d had a really crummy day.” So begins Curt’s show of seven monologues (both comic and serious) from heaven and hell. This show is a quirky look at some “emotionally accurate” pictures from the afterlife.

Celebrate the Child  (60 minutes)>

In this Christmas performance Curt portrays six different characters (both historical and imagined) whose lives were somehow intertwined with the birth and early years of Jesus. The monologues are interspersed with musical solos and audience carol singing. The characters are unusual and the evening is an intimate experience of the mystery of the incarnation of God in Jesus.

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God Views


Red Letter Edition

When I Died Last Tuesday

Celebrate The Child

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