About Curt

Great Stories. Well Told. Since 1982.

Curt Cloninger writes and tells stories, sometimes in his own voice, and sometimes in the voices of a wide variety of characters.  His stories will make you laugh and make you cry, and help you examine what you believe about life, and God, and work, and family.   Since 1982 he has told these stories to hundreds of thousands of people, in thousands of locations.  They’re great stories.  They’re well told.  And, they will make a lasting impression.  Guaranteed.  

Publicity Material

Here is one of Curt’s most frustrating scenarios — someone comes up to him after a performance and says “If I had known how great this was going to be, I would have invited 10 people.”  Curt has been at this for quite awhile and lots of people have seen him perform — but not everyone. The best press in the world is word of mouth — one person telling another “You don’t want to miss this guy”. Here are some tools to help you gather a crowd, and to help Curt avoid heartburn.

Longer Publicity Piece

“If I had known in advance how incredible this guy is, I would have invited ten people to his show!” That’s a common audience response after seeing one of Curt Cloninger’s performances.

Curt Cloninger is a writer, actor, storyteller and genuinely talented guy who has been performing his unique brand of solo story-telling theatre since 1982. He’s performed in some unlikely places: in the Georgia Dome for 30,000 people, standing in a mud hut in Nigeria, and in every imaginable theatre and church and corporate setting. His performances have an intimacy which pulls people into the stories. Wherever he performs, whether it’s a large conference, a small theatre, a banquet, or a church, people are deeply moved. Curt commonly hears from people who tell him that his stories are still impacting their lives, years after seeing a performance. Curt’s performances make people laugh, and cry and examine what they believe about life. And while they’re laughing, they’re also getting a refreshing and encouraging perspective on what life is all about.

Curt received a B.A. in Theatre from Abilene Christian University, and received further acting training at Pacific Conservatory. For years, he served as an Artist in Residence at Perimeter Church, in suburban Atlanta (which is still his home church). He was married to his sweet wife Tish for 38 years before she went home to be with Jesus. He has two great kids (Kappel, in heaven, and Lily, who lives with her husband Ridge, and their two wonderful girls, just down the street from Curt.) Over the years Curt has also been the happy friend to many fine dogs and a few aloof cats.

Short Publicity Piece

Since 1982 Curt Cloninger has performed his unique brand of story-telling solo theatre, thousands of times, all around the world, and in every imaginable setting.   His performances will move you to laugh and cry and examine what you believe about God and life.  He tells great stories that will stick with you.