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(45-80 minutes)

Eight men, who rubbed shoulders with Jesus, tell stories of their encounters with him.  Ranging from wildly funny to dramatically intense, these stories show a “fleshed out” Jesus, who made a curious call on these mens’ lives.  Performed in contemporary dress, with very contemporary language, this show introduces the audience, in a fresh way, to Jesus, without “church language or pews”.  In the blink of an eye, with very simple costume changes, Curt becomes eight different men, with eight different perspectives on Jesus.  


(40-60 minutes)

What is God really like?  This show asks that question. And … it’s funny.  Very funny.  In it, Curt presents, in caricature form, six different comic misconceptions of the nature of God.  God as a Sheriff, a Butler, an old Geezer, a Mechanic, a Cosmic Party Animal, and … God-in-a-box. He concludes with one of two stories (or sometimes both!) … a tender re-telling of the Prodigal Son story, showing the Father heart of God, or a very funny “redneck parable,” showing, in no uncertain terms, the picture of a gracious God.  

Jesus Talks

(25-40 minutes)

In this show, Curt simply speaks the words and tells the stories of Jesus, in very contemporary language.  The audience gets a chance to hear, fresh, the comforting/startling/offensive/life-changing words of Jesus, the God-Made-Flesh.  Curt has performed this simple presentation everywhere, from death row in a prison, to the National Prayer Breakfast, to Sunday morning services in large Cathedrals and small country churches.  You’ll hear the words of Jesus like you never have before.  

Celebrate the Child

(60 minutes)

Curt’s Christmas show is very simple.  It’s six monologues, interspersed with common Christmas carols.  The audience sings the carols, led either by Curt, or by other musicians.  The monologues range from very funny to very tender to very intense.  The (somewhat) off-beat characters, all based around the nativity, encourage the audience to emotionally examine the curiousity and wonder of the birth of Jesus.  

What Audiences say about “Celebrate the Child” 

Curt’s presentation brought my husband and I both to tears. It opened my eyes in new ways to the Christmas message. It also promoted great family conversations later. It was one of the best Christmas services I’ve ever been to.” 

“Celebrate the Child” was absolutely the most moving presentation of the Christmas story I have ever seen or heard.” 

Visiting Hours

(40 minutes)

A solo theatrical performance of hope and encouragement for healthcare professionals

Becoming five different characters in the blink of an eye, with “insider, in-the-know” humor and heart-touching stories, actor Curt Cloninger will encourage your healthcare community to rediscover their calling.

“Visiting Hours” is a 35 minute performance that fits nicely into a day of training, or for inspirational and funny banquet or fundraising entertainment, or any time you need a bit of “extra spice” for your event.

There are two versions of the show. One works well for a general hospital audience, one is a version specifically for nurses.

Nurses recommend “Visiting Hours” – watch on YouTube!

What Audiences Say about “Visiting Hours” 

“Visiting Hours” is a powerful, moving, funny, inspiring theatrical piece that completely captivated our 1200 leaders in attendance. Curt held the audience in the palm of his hand, and they laughed, cried, and were moved greatly by his influence.” 
Kathy Jones
Director of Training
Baylor Health Care System

I was fortunate enough to have been the speaker at an event in which Curt Cloninger performed his inspirational skits.  He is an extremely talented individual who is not only very entertaining, but is very insightful.  I believe his productions are extremely effective. 
Dr. Ben Carson, retired Johns Hopkins University neurosurgeon

Curt’s performance was insightful and inspiring as he reminded us of our unique roles as health care providers to consider the significance of our ongoing interactions with patients and the special impact that can be made.  He is gifted in bringing us into the “drama” of our daily lives as health care professionals.   
Dr. Rick Boden – Infectious Disease
Dekalb Medical, Atlanta, GA

“This year, I had the responsibility of planning our Nurse Of Excellence Luncheon. It has been a month and people are still talking about that luncheon. They tell me it was the best ever. During Curt’s performance, no one moved and every heart was touched!.  It was exactly what we needed to remind us why we nurses do what we do.”
Melissa F. Davis, BSN, RN, CMSRN, CVRN-BC
Nurse Educator
Memorial Hospital, Chattanooga, TN

CUstom Show

Curt will write and perform a show just for you and your audience! He has written and performed “one-off” stories for a variety of settings. Here are a few examples:

  • He wrote a 45 minute “banquet length”, multiple character show for a financial planner’s client luncheon.
  • He wrote and performed a short story about a truck mechanic for a large truck dealership’s employee loyalty luncheon.
  • He wrote and performed an encouraging story for a conference of foster parents.
  • For a National Pastor’s Conference, Curt wrote and performed a moving monologue from the perspective of a mega-church pastor with ALS
  • For Langham Partnership, Curt wrote a show to honor the author/theologian John Stott
  • For a sermon series at a St. Louis church, Curt wrote and performed in a 3 person play on the book of Ruth

Curt can custom write and perform a story for your setting!


Booking Interest

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“Curt Cloninger is a superb comedic actor. He is able to get across both the emotional and spiritual messages that are powerful because of the humor that inserts them into the mind of each one in the audience. To have sustained laughter with tears as well is the best ovation.”

Dr. William Wood

Professor Of Surgery Emeritus, Emory University School of medicine – Atlanta, GA