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Curt’s oldest, most popular (and funniest) show. The first part of this performance leaves the audience laughing as Curt presents six of our common misconceptions about God. The conclusion emotionally reminds the audience of who God really is…a loving Father.

(40-60 Minutes)




In this very dramatic, yet very personal performance, Curt portrays eight characters as each responds to Jesus of Nazareth. Through the eyes of this very wide variety of characters, both comic and serious, the audience is challenged to see Jesus from fresh perspectives; not as a cardboard and distant historical character, but as one who was intimately involved with the “nitty gritty” of life. This performance “fleshes out” Jesus, takes away the historical distance and church language, and gives the audience an opportunity to experience the Master in an immediate sense. 

(45-80 Minutes)


Jesus Talks!

What would it be like to spend a few minutes with Jesus, listening to him tell stories? How would you respond to his “topsy-turvy” statements about religion and about what’s really important in life? What would you make of his incredible claims? This may be one of Curt’s favorite shows. It’s not just some guy standing up and quoting the King James Bible. Curt “becomes Jesus” and using very conversational language, challenges the audience, in a real “gut-level” way, to respond to him.

(25-40 Minutes)


CUstom Show

Curt will write and perform a show just for you and your audience! He has written and performed “one-off” stories for a variety of settings. Here are a few examples:

-He wrote a 45 minute “banquet length”, multiple character show for a financial planner’s client luncheon.

-He wrote and performed a short story about a truck mechanic for a large truck dealership’s employee loyalty luncheon. 

-He wrote and performed an encouraging story for a conference of foster parents.

Curt can custom write and perform a story for your setting! 


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“Curt Cloninger is a superb comedic actor. He is able to get across both the emotional and spiritual messages that are powerful because of the humor that inserts them into the mind of each one in the audience. To have sustained laughter with tears as well is the best ovation.”

Dr. William Wood

Professor Of Surgery Emeritus, Emory University School of medicine – Atlanta, GA